Since 2006, the CIHEAM-IAMM is engaged in a continuous-improvement process which brings a new dynamic to its professional practices. The Institute has been ISO 9001 certified since November 2008 for the training courses provided in situ : Master,Vocational trainingFrench courses.

Since March 2016, a new activity has been ISO 9001-certified: the Welcoming and Supervision of PhD students.

The certified activities    

The higher education: the Master (M2)

This teaching (level BAC +5) is modular and follows the European Credits Transfer System. It is organised within the French academic environment in compliance with the so-called Bologna Process (LMD: Licence-­‐Master-­‐Doctorate) opening up, under certain conditions, the access to doctoral studies.

Furthermore, the IAMM is an adhering member of the ERASMUS European Charter.

The Vocational Training (FPC)

The IAMM offers training sessions adapted to the needs of both individuals and organisations through tailored course contents and flexible educational methods.  The objective of the professional training is twofold:  

  • Respond to the evolution of the international context 
  • Meet the participants’ new expectations by proposing a complete analysis of their needs in terms of training, and giving them the training programmes accordingly

The French Language Centre (CFLE)

The trainings provided by the Centre are labelled French Foreign Language Quality. This label is awarded by the French ministries in charge of the national education, the higher education and research, the foreign affairs and culture, and the communication.

In addition to the trainings quality assurance, this labelling brings a simplification of the administrative formalities to all foreign students willing to attend language courses in our Center.

Reception and supervision of PhD students

The ISO 9001 certification includes long term PhD students (supervised for the duration of their thesis). The CIHEAM-IAMM has always been a welcoming place and we want this to be systematic and to be a priority. The institute supervises and co-supervises PhD students who, beforehand, enrolled in a university that issues the diploma. This reception is financed by research projects involving PhD students' collaboration, by resources from the university of origin and also by research allowances granted by the CIHEAM-IAMM. On average, we welcome some twenty PhD students per year.

Organisation of the Quality Management System (SMQ)    

During the last two years our 2014-2018 Strategic Plan has been enhancing transversal exchanges (through the Advisory Committee, the Communication Committee, the Teaching-Research-Cooperation Unit and the Support-Services Unit) leading to a deeper integration of the quality management approach within the governance and the coordination of activities.

Since 2016, a quality management approach has been initiated for the management of financial resources. The ISO 9001 certification of this process is targeted for 2018.

The 2016 achievements of our quality management system

Two challenges linked to external recognition have been met in 2016:

The Management Board's objectives structure our actions

The Quality Management System supports the implementation of the 2016 key objectives for teaching and training which stem from and develop the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. These 2016 key objectives are:

1. Attract new external funding

2. Build a new education offer in the medium term

3. Support the implementation of the CIHEAM’s strategic objectives:

    3.1. Develop the objectives of the CIHEAM Action Plan for the Mediterranean (Capmed)

    3.2. Contribute to achieve the CIHEAM’s objective of becoming a Delegated Operator of the European Union

Moreover, in 2017 the activities will be structured around the following objectives:

  • Masters: Develop and strengthen our international joint Master programmes
  • Professional training: Build a strategy for the development of short training programmes addressed to executives, managers of companies, leaders of the civil society
  • Doctoral Platform: Develop the doctoral platform and position ourselves within the Euro-Mediterranean research through Horizon2020 programmes by highlighting research teams from the Southern Mediterranean
  • Internal functioning: Enlarge the scope of our quality management process by including financial aspects / Improve internal efficiency thanks to the implementation of the action plan of the Support-Services Unit / Create a forward-looking management of jobs and skills and Recruit two Teachers-Researchers



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