The CIHEAM-IAMM signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education thus offering its students and staff the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ mobility programs, within the European Union and beyond:

  • mobility for studies (for students)
  • mobility for teaching (for teachers)
  • mobility for training (non-teaching staff)

As part of the same mobility programs, we also welcome members of the partner institutions.

More details available on the following link: Mobility project for higher education students and staff

We are involved in three Erasmus+ programs. If you are interested in participating in mobility, please view the next sections:

  • Erasmus (intra-Europe): open to our students, staff and partner institutions

Courses at the CIHEAM-IAMM are provided in French
A good level in French language is required
French language courses can be provided by the French Language Center of the CIHEAM-IAMM
Depending on your level, you have the possibility to attend:
- Intensive upgrading courses (prior to the start of the program)
- Continuous courses (during the program)
For more information, please visit
Contact : cfle@iamm.fr