The Master 2 "Economy of the environement, the energy and transport - pathway Agricultural, environmental development economics and food" prepares students to positions needing autonomy, individual enterprise capacities and knowledge in economic sciences. It is a selective Master programme based on research and high level educational standards. Focused on the transmission of fundamental theoretical and methodological knowledge, it values the use of advanced modelling and quantification techniques in current economic analysis, and the approaches of institutional economy, management sciences and economics sociology. This training enables the students to acquire extensive know-how in the fields of agri-food and natural resources management thanks to the specialization units offered. Prerequisite courses are organized in September.

The training begins with a session of common courses enabling students to acquire the general thematic knowledge and the necessary methodological and theoretical bases before starting the more operational courses provided in the optional courses. It ends with seminars and the redaction and presentation of a research report.


Dean of Studies

Tahani Abdelhakim

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Education and Training Service

Laure Morata

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Zoubida Ahamada

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