This Master 2 in Economy and public management - Pathway "Projects and public policies engineering” is a post-graduate educational programme intended for students who achieved a university diploma corresponding to a minimum level of 4 years after the Baccalauréat (Master 1 or Engineer diploma) and to working professionals with experience in the thematic fields of rural development (agronomy/agriculture, economics, geography, rural sociology). It is co-accredited with the University of Montpellier.

The aim of this programme is to prepare students to the professions related to policies and projects engineering for the development of rural territories, such as project coordinator, responsible for development programmes, top executive in local development, responsible for studies in local authorities or in rural and agricultural development organisations or institutions. Indeed, the recent evolutions in the agricultural environment have favoured the emergence of many organisations and institutions in charge of territorial or rural development and implementing development programmes or processes for rural territories planning; that is why these organisations prospect high skilled people specialised in territorial development.

The training at the CIHEAM-IAMM not only teaches economists and engineers how to work in teams by providing them the common language needed, but it also offers them the knowledge of both theoretical and practical tools. Furthermore, the training includes a professional experience (individual or collective internships) enabling them to be in contact with local professionals and the reality of field work, making them operational directly after the end of the training.

The training provides the following skills:

  • Knowledge: theories of development, theoretical basis for the approaches of rural territories development, study of the notions of social and environmental sustainability,
  • Know-how: to be able to make a diagnosis of a territory, to manage surveys, to implement development projects, to prepare proposals, to make an economic and financial evaluation of a rural development process,
  • Personal skills: to be able to work in multidisplinary teams and to facilitate the interface between technical and socio-economic aspects. 


Dean of Studies

Tahani Abdelhakim

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Education and Training Service

Laure Morata

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Zoubida Ahamada

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