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Letter n°72 - February-April 2019

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The CIHEAM-IAMM is currently living a particularly rich and decisive period, both in terms of renewal of our workforce and of our activities.

The departure of our former chief accountant and the end of tiling with the new occupant of this post, the arrival of a new accounting assistant, the scheduled recruitment of an additional accounting assistant, the recruitment of 3 new teachers over the year, replacing teachers going into retirement, all these movements represent major challenges in terms of Human Resource Management.

In addition, important projects are coming to an end (ENPARD on agricultural and rural development policies in the Southern Neighborhood of the EU, HNV-Link an Horizon 2020 project on high natural value agriculture coordinated by the CIHEAM-IAMM, etc ..). This is why no less than 20 project proposals have been submitted by the CIHEAM-IAMM and are awaiting replies. The SHERPA project (Horizon 2020) on rural development policies, in which CIHEAM-IAMM is a partner, has just been selected for funding by the European Commission, which is a great success.

In addition, the evaluation of our Master's courses by the HCERES, whose cycle has already begun, is an important step towards our future accreditation to deliver the national Master's degree, scheduled for 2021.

The new establishment project, which we established at the end of last year, is a roadmap that should guide us to turn this transition into a success.

Each of these issues is significant and the way we face them will be critical for our future. This is both stressful and exciting for all the agents of the Institute, and I am confident that we will come out stronger to serve the cause of the Mediterranean and the member countries of the CIHEAM.

Pascal Bergeret, Director

News Letter N°72 - February-April 2019