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Hilly Areas Sustainable Agricultural Development Project (HASAD): Provide technical assistance to establish and manage farmers service centres (FSC) in the regions of Akkar and Baalbeck-Hermel
// HASAD //

May 2016 - May 2018

Project Summary

Provide technical assistance to small-scale farmers in two disadvantaged areas in Lebanon: Akkar and Baalbeck-Hermel through the creation and management of service centers by the regional cooperative unions.  


  • Provide technical assistance to the cooperative unions of Al-Joumieh in Akkar and to the union of regional cooperatives of Baalbeck-Hermel to transform the services provided to farmers into operational and self-sustaining Farming Service Centres (FSC)
  • Improve productivity and quality of local production to increase incomes and reinforce the links with the market 
  • Ensure the sustainability of the project through the implementation of a viable economic model for the FSCs and access to new markets 


  • Improve the infrastructure of the FSCs
  • Capacity building of the FSCs’ members and farmers 
  • Develop agricultural extension and advisory activities for farmers
  • Improve marketing and market access 

Results and impact

  • Increase production quality, create local brands and an Organic label
  • Improve the farmer’s income in both target regions
  • Enhance the technical and financial autonomy of the FSCs



Source of funding : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Programme and Contact references : Tahani ABDELHAKIM, CIHEAM-IAMM - Team Leader abdelhakim@iamm.fr Tel: + 33 (0)4 67 04 60 13
Total budget : 1 499 058,00 €
Partners :
  • Centre d’Expérimentation Horticole de Marsillargues (CEHM) - France
  • Institut de l’Olivier (IO) - Tunisia