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When you come to the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier, you enter a space dedicated to sharing knowledge and know-how, a whole institution, the CIHEAM-IAMM, intended to contribute to the upholding of an agricultural and rural Mediterranean enriched by its specificities and open to the world.

Thanks to its suitable reception arrangements, the CIHEAM-IAMM can fully achieve its mission as international platform for education, production of knowledge and scientific exchanges for the Mediterranean. Our campus can accommodate up to 100 students and interns from both shores of the Mediterranean and beyond.

To be a CIHEAM-IAMM trainee is to benefit from an important support for integrating international cooperation networks.

The CIHEAM-IAMM network has become a major lever for the dynamics of development, cooperation and partnership in the Mediterranean. Indeed, the actors involved, who come from our institute, are gathered into a predominant network, very influential for the international bodies that manage the issues related to the Mediterranean area.

The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in figures

  • 90% of foreign students
  • Over 14 nationalities (including 10 from the Mediterranean)
  • 10 permanent teachers from 6 different nationalities

The Campus of the CIHEAM-IAMM

Equipped Studios with a large range of services

Our campus can accommodate 106 residents, mainly students and researchers, coming from both shores of the Mediterranean and beyond. It is located at the heart of an exceptional Scientific Community, Agropolis International

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Innovative and environmentally friendly

Since its creation, the CIHEAM-IAMM showed its adaptability to the changes in its environment. Reflective of this dynamism, the Mediterranean campus of the Institute was redesigned in 2008 to offer its residents a new life setting. A new campus, offering comfortable and spacious studio apartments, meeting the High Environmental Quality (HEQ) standards and being located at the core of a wooded area of more than seven hectares, was offered to its residents and visitors. Our General Service staff ensures and maintains the quality of all these benefits to keep a pleasant and productive work environment.

An immersion in multiculturalism, a culture of listening and co-building

When you get into the campus of the CIHEAM-IAMM, you enter a multicultural space.

Created in 1962, the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) is an intergovernmental organization which gathers 13 Mediterranean States with the aim of meeting the agricultural and food challenges in the area. Its networking capacity allows it to mobilize the expertise of multiple stakeholders (decision-makers, professionals, teachers, researchers, civil society) and to propose alternatives for sustainable rural development at the crossroads of science, innovation and diplomacy.

The CIHEAM-IAMM has naturally developed a culture of listening and co-building as an essential consideration in its decision-making.

The students, researchers and other guests that will meet in our campus come from both shores of the Mediterranean and beyond. They offer you the opportunity to share enriching moments, exchanges and debates, either organized or spontaneous!

Over 50 years of experience serving 4 development objectives

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A network of experts to meet the challenges of agriculture and food in the Mediterranean

French and English courses for students and international researchers

Unique documentary collection on the Mediterranean

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The CIHEAM-IAMM Cafeteria

The CIHEAM-IAMM Cafeteria welcomes students and the Institute’s staff

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Equipped for persons with reduced mobility


The restaurant "L'aboyeur"

A Gourmet restaurant on our Campus 
Open starting from 11:30 from Monday to Friday


Tel. + 33(0)6 75 01 77 27



Equipped for persons with reduced mobility

University Restaurant (students only)


The nearest: "Vert Bois"


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E.mail: ResaCampus@iamm.fr

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