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Internship offer: communication - decision making - agricultural markets


The multilateral MED-Amin network established in 2014 between the 13 member countries of CIHEAM at the request of the ministers of agriculture aims to promote cooperation and the sharing of experiences between national information systems on cereal markets in the Mediterranean. The network is made up of focal points and resource people in each member country and institutional partners (FAO, IGC, JRC-MARS).

The network produces short-term analyzes and perspectives, as well as advocacy on food security for decision-makers and the media. In five years, the network has achieved a large part of its first goals of building trust, collective methodological work and partnerships on the crucial issue of grain supplies and market transparency. However, MED-Amin lost the political importance of its beginnings despite the current context of crisis. Its work, when known, has little impact on the cereal policies of member countries, the data it produces are not considered critical by world market operators and its funding is insufficient. As for CIHEAM, it does not make it a sufficient issue in its action program. It is to respond to this observation and these improvement needs that we are seeking the help of an intern.



Contribute to the development of a strengthened communication strategy.

The intern will have to reflect on and propose improvements in terms of communication with the objective of valuing the achievements and products of the network, and animation of the target audiences of the network, including advocacy towards political decision-makers.



For any information, please contact the MED-Amin network coordinator: gasc@iamm.fr

Application (CV and cover letter) to be sent before February 28, 2021 midnight by email to

Organization of the internship: The internship will start in April 2021 at the latest.

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