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Internship offer: Innovative food products, processes, business models and related training schemes for entrepreneurs


Working environment:

CIHEAM-IAMM is the Montpellier–based institute of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), founded in 1962 as an intergovernmental cooperation organization under the auspices of the OECD and the Council of Europe. CIHEAM’s main objectives are post-graduate education and promotion of research and development in the fields of agriculture and natural resources. The CIHEAM-IAMM is made up of a single research laboratory called LAMES: “Laboratoire d’accueil Méditerranéen en Economie et Sciences sociales”.

Internship context:

Providing sustainable and nutritious food requires a reconfiguration of food systems. Research and innovation to foster new products and processes, with sustainable business approaches responding to markets are needed to meet consumers demand and gain consumers acceptance and awareness.

Internship mission (5-6 months):

  • To identify the potential of innovative approaches for sustainable, nutritious and locally based products, including new food products, food processing, food safety, packaging and novel agri-business models for agri-food entrepreneurs in context-specific food systems of Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • To illustrate and report new training techniques and learning schemes that target entrepreneurs and value chain stakeholders for the development of innovative food products, processes and business models.


The internship will be supervised by Paolo Prosperi, lecturer and researcher at CIHEAM-IAMM in agricultural and food economics (UMR MoISA – Montpellier Interdisciplinary center on Sustainable Agri-food systems).


Application (CV and cover letter) to be sent by March 31, 2021 to Paolo Prosperi: prosperi@iamm.fr


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