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MED-Amin: Newsletter #38 !

Consulted in 2020, the CIHEAM Member countries wished to strengthen the early warning system in/for the Mediterranean region. Discussions on this topic were the focus of the roundtable at the 8th MED-Amin Meeting.

We are strengthening and enlarging the scope of existing activities and products with the aim to anticipate future needs and potential crises in this region, particularly vulnerable to climate shocks and fluctuations in international markets.

To strengthen the capacity to produce short-term outlooks, such an early warning system would require:

  1. robust forecasts of the coming harvest during the production season;
  2. sufficiently accurate information on cereal use (cereal balances) and the state of stocks; and
  3. a better understanding of strategic market development factors at national, regional and global levels: climatic conditions, agricultural and trade policies, commodity prices, freight costs, exchange rates, etc.

To layout the practical conditions for strengthening early warning, the MED-Amin Secretariat will build on and set up a group of international experts in early 2022.

2022 will be a special year for the CIHEAM as it will be the 60th anniversary of its creation. We will celebrate it, not by "looking in the rear view mirror" but at the future. In this respect, and as recalled in his speech at the 8th MED-Amin Meeting by the CIHEAM Secretary General, Placído Plaza,  "mechanisms such as MED-Amin can contribute effectively and on a documented basis to anticipating food crises such as those of 2007-2008", being part of a more sustainable and equitable future.


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