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The MED-Amin network has given voice to experts!

Launched in 2014 by the Ministers of Agriculture of the 13 Mediterranean Member States of the CIHEAM and coordinated by CIHEAM-Montpellier, MED-Amin brings together around sixty experts and policy makers from 13 countries, and partner organizations involved in market monitoring.

In the context of a global pandemic crisis, decision makers around the Mediterranean basin are reminded of the vulnerability of the region, particularly dependent on international cereal markets and primarily affected by climate change.

In this context, and after 5 years of existence, MED-Amin provides solutions for market transparency and dialogue. The meeting organised on 25 and 26 November was the opportunity to share and discuss MED-Amin achievements, including: compiling and sharing market data on wheat, barley, maize and rice and cereal balance sheets, and experimenting a Mediterranean early crop forecasting system.
The publication of a recent report on covid-19 impacts on the cereals markets in the region was also particularly appreciated. MED-Amin members can count on MED-Amin Secretariat, and partnerships with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the Agriculture Market Information System Secretariat (AMIS) based at the FAO, and the International Grain Council (IGC).

On November 25, experts and policy makers debated emerging and recurring regional challenges to food security. While they mentioned the importance of local production and adaptation to climate change, most debates focused on cereals import and value chains. Experts discussed the importance of market knowledge, the improvement of market organisation, logistical infrastructures to secure adequate stocks and supplies, value addition through grain transformation, responses to evolving consumer demand, protection of consumers and rural populations through targeted safety nets, etc.

Their conclusions will feed in a renewed analysis of national and regional needs, and pave the way for new MED-Amin activities, and strengthened collaborations.

MED-Amin is one of the actions of the CAPMED 2025, the Strategic Action Plan of CIHEAM


More information about MED-Amin : www.med-amin.org

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