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webinar IGC – MED-Amin: 2021 grains market prospects for the Mediterranean region

The webinar co-organised by the International Grains Council (IGC) and MED-Amin (CIHEAM Montpellier) will be held on Wednesday 5th May 2021 via zoom from 13.00h-16.30h.


Mediterranean countries, notably from North Africa, are highly reliant on global wheat and barley markets. Those countries and the Middle-East represent more than 30% of total wheat imports, making them the main importing regions for wheat (including durum) and barley.

Despite sufficient supply in global wheat and barley markets, the Covid-19 crisis impacted the grains trade system by shifting the demand calendar as well as initiating new export restriction measures to secure the stability of domestic markets.

These changes forced Mediterranean countries to diversify their origins, sometimes far from their usual supply sources. Therefore, a better understanding of the methodology, calendar and information published by the major exporters from the North and South Hemispheres would help Mediterranean countries to develop adequate strategies to enhance food security and also develop their domestic markets as well as their resilience towards external drivers.

The seminar will be an opportunity to share early information about the harvest forecast, methodology, information on quality, and a calendar for establishing potential export availabilities for milling wheat, durum wheat and barley.


The IGC and MED-Amin see an opportunity to increase dialogue and cooperation between countries by sharing pre-competitive information on markets for market transparency.


  • IGC and MED-Amin members;
  • Government representatives from Mediterranean countries including public offices and similar organizations, their technical teams in charge of production and crop monitoring and of supply (purchases) and market monitoring;
  • IGC and MED-Amin Secretariats

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