Political dialogue and partnerships

These annual Reports (CAR) briefly present the main activities and actions of each CIHEAM Member State. They are prepared by the CIHEAM General Secretariat in close collaboration with the 4 CIHEAM Institutes and the 13 Delegates of the member states. 

The reports are divided into 4 sections presenting:

  • POLITICAL DIALOGUE - This section presents the main political relations between the CIHEAM and its Member States.
  • EDUCATION - This section presents the students who have received the Best Master Thesis Award, those holding an important position in their respective countries, and students working in a regional or international organisation.
  • RESEARCH, technical projects & networks - This section presents recent or on-going projects for development in the concerned country and in which the CIHEAM’s Institutes are coordinators, or partners
  • PUBLICATIONS - This section presents recent publications concerning the country or produced by contributors from the country.