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COP 23 and the "4 per 1000" initiative


“4 per 1000 Initiative” Day, COP23, Bonn, 16 November 2017

Long-time committed to the search for solutions to climate change through the development of agricultural best practices, the CIHEAM participates in this Day devoted to the “4 per 1000 initiative: soils for food security and climate” on the occasion of the COP23 in Bonn on the 16 November 2016.

During the high-level meeting that brought together several Ministers of Agriculture and Heads of research institutes and international organisations with the presence of Dr Ibrahima Mayaki and Mr Stéphane Le Foll, respectively President and Vice-President of the Initiative, Mr Mohammed Sadiki, Vice-President of the CIHEAM, recalled the strong commitment of the Centre in the struggle against climate change.

As in Africa, in the Mediterranean, the struggle against climate change, land degradation or desertification is closely linked to issues related to water, agriculture and food security. Farmers and fishermen are the first victims of climate change and when agriculture is the only means of livelihood, rural people, especially young people, are forced to migrate to cities or other countries.

“Migration, climate change, inclusive and sustainable development and security are closely interrelated and must be addressed through a holistic approach” recalled Mr Sadiki.

The Strategic Agenda of the CIHEAM, CAPMED 2025 is entirely devoted to connecting economic, environmental and social approaches by supporting farmers and fishermen.

The CIHEAM is a place for exchange between experts but also between decision-makers and above all, the CIHEAM is an active Organisation that works with the entire academic community to train young people and find solutions to the region’s challenges.

Thus, among many projects, the CIHEAM presented MARSADEV, a project implemented in Egypt in the field of soil rehabilitation by carbon sequestration in oasis systems.


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