The whole scientific communication and publication of the Economy and Social Sciences research team (LAMES) is referenced on the MAI documentary database : MeditAgri, specialised in Mediterranean agriculture, food and sustainable development.

All types of documents (such as journal articles, books, book chapters, congress and seminar communications, films, reports...) are classified within Meditagri at regular intervals. They are valorized in a Publication Catalog every three years. Ower researcher communications and publications are also referenced in national and international catalogs: Agris (FAO), ProdInra (UMR Moisa, France),...

Open Access institutional repository, OpenMeditAgri references articles or scientific literature of the LAMES team: articles, communications, conference proceedings, research results, PhD thesis, working papers, reports... Other free access publications are also available such as digital collections: Options Méditerranéennes, Master of Science collection or other peer-reviewed journal articles with the publisher's agreement.


Publication Catalog 2013-2018 : download



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