For almost 50 years, The CIHEAM through its four Mediterranean Agronomic Institutes (MAIs Bari-Italy, Montpellier-France, Zaragoza-Spain and Chania-Greece )  has recognised the significant role of students and Alumni in defining and shaping its missions. In addition, CIHEAM seeks mutually supportive life-long relationships with the global community of its past and present graduates. In order to develop and strengthen these relationships, CIHEAM set up the Network of Ciheam Alumni, hereafter called NCA. Therefore,  NCA is a key strategy (Policy) action in international higher agricultural education and research in Mediterranean Basin.

General  Objectives

  • Serving as a common space where it is possible to gather information on the Mediterranean cooperation initiatives and inter-regional programmes promoted by CIHEAM and MAIs.
  • Increasing public awareness on Mediterranean inter-regional programmes: Publishing and disseminating information on  training, research and cooperation to foster CIHEAM inter-regional objectives and    programmes.

Specific Objectives

  1. Conduct a Follow-up research study to  update the database of the CIHEAM former students/trainees and give them the opportunities to reconnect with Institute staff,  researcher and visiting lecturers in a meaningful way;
  2. Ascertain what impact the CIHEAM-MAIs actions (Training, Research and Cooperation) have on their career evolution and progress ;
  3. Ensure that alumni are well-informed about the latest developments of CIHEAM-MAIs activities and facilitate links and mutual contacts;
  4. Support and facilitate Alumni career development through life-long learning (postgraduate study , e.g. Ph.D), follow-up advanced specialized short courses, workshops participation, Summer courses, etc.) , and access to business network and employment/job opportunities.

Vision and Mission

We provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of cooperation.

Our mission is to promote the interests and mutual benefit to CIHEAM, MAIs and NCA members, by connecting alumni with each other and the CIHEAM. Together with MAI Institutes and organization partners, we will inform, involve, and inspire all alumni to support the CIHEAM and MAIs.

Positioning  vis-à-vis Ciheam community
To all alumni who graduated and MAIs staff, researchers, collaborators and visiting lecturers who want to reconnect with alumni, NCA is the hub that connects all alumni to the CIHEAM and to each other. The NCA  is connecting thousands of Alumni via communications vehicles (e.g. Newsletters, infoletter, Country Report Activities, News Alert, Social media channels, etc).

NCA Personality
Mediterranean welcoming ; Collaborative; Helpful; Well-connected and Well-informed; Full academic spirit; Action-oriented; A good friend; An efficient communicator


Major areas of benefits


 For  former students member of NCA

For CIHEAM  & MAIs Institutes
(Bari, Montpellier, Zaragoza, Chania)

  • Opportunities to be well-informed about latest news and event from CIHEAM and MAIs
  • Opportunities to reconnect with fellow graduates and Institute staff and support their former Institutes in a meaningful way
  • Opportunities for career development through life-long learning (postgraduate study, short course offered by Professional and Continuing Education…etc) access to business network, mentoring programs and employment/Job opportunities
  • Recognition, promotion and utilization of their professional skills, experience, status and knowledge by collaboration in CIHEAM and MAIs projects and initiatives
  •  Accomplish its mission to accompany Former students in their career evolution
  • Support for lobbying and philanthropic initiatives
  • Promotion of institutional activities : Education/Training, Research, Cooperation and Networking.
  • Increasing the profile of CIHEAM and its MAIs both locally, and regionally as a leader in Training, Research and Cooperation
  • Seeking feedback and advice to develop more effective and mutually beneficial relationships with industry, government and their wider community and to ensure relevance of CIHEAM and MAIs curriculum
  • Increase the CIHEAM Web Corporate and MAIs websites popularity and visibility