At CIHEAM we recruit talented people who share the values of the Organization and want to participate in the sustainable development of the Mediterranean region. Contact us if you would like to join our teams and contribute to the implementation of our Mediterranean Action Plan (CAPMED 2025): 

 Protecting the planet “by struggling against triple waste"

 Food security and nutrition "by boosting sustainable agriculture and food"

 Inclusive development "by investing in new generations and fragile territories"

 Crises and resilience

To achieve these goals, CIHEAM mobilizes the instruments of education and training; Network research cooperation and technical assistance; political dialogue and partnerships.

Job Vacancie

As part of the reorganization of the Accounting Department made up of three people, the CIHEAM-IAMM is looking for an accounting assistant placed under the authority of the Institute's Accounting Officer, responsible for the Accounting Department. .

The entire CIHEAM-IAMM accounting system is governed by the CIHEAM financial regulations and its application rules.

The Institute has budgetary accounts (revenue / expenditure) with in parallel the keeping of specific general accounts supplemented by management in cost centers, especially for projects.

Budget accounting is developed according to the rules of public accounting (Commitment - Mandate / Collection - Revenue title); general accounting refers to IPSAS standards.


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