Research at the CIHEAM-IAMM started in 1978, with a first contract signed with the European Commission for the agricultural and dietary characteristics of Mediterranean countries. Its original goal was almost exclusively to offer expert counselling, and but it has since progressively moved towards more academic research, whilst maintaining its practical relationship with public policymakers as a priority. A Mediterranean doctoral platform was added in 2006.

The CIHEAM-IAMM is made up of a single research laboratory called LAMES: “Laboratoire d’accueil Méditerranéen en Economie et Sciences sociales” (Mediterranean Host Laboratory for Economy and Social Sciences). The scientific research activities and Research training at the CIHEAM-IAMM are carried out by a local team of 9 permanent teacher-researchers (TR) and several contractual associate teacher-researchers and research fellows. The doctoral platform PhD students are also part of the team, and a great number of them are involved in the institute's research activities.

The  CIHEAM-IAMM teacher-researchers, research fellows and associate TR are also members of three distinct mixed research units (UMR), according to the field they work in and to their main research topic: GRED (Governance, Risk, Environment, Development); MOISA (Markets, Organizations, Institutions, Strategies of all involved parties) with INRA-SupAgro-CIRAD; SYSTEM ( Modelling, Mediterranean, multispecific) with SupAgro-INRA-CIRAD.

CIHEAM-IAMM carries out research projects in order to explain significant transformations in the Mediterranean region and to enlighten public decisions on three essential themes:

Coordinator of the doctoral platform and the research activities

Hatem Belhouchette

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Isabelle Ferrier

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Nhien Nguyen

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Virginie Avignon

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